Hey Sony folk.

I just had to scoop up the following lens on eBay:

For $13 shipped (I guess no one wanted to bid) I thought it'd be a great "F-it" lens for less than ideal situations. Surprisingly, I'm liking the pictures so much better than the kit that it's spending more time as my everyday BS lens.

Thing is, I never noticed until I was playing around with it that on its rear mount the lens element hollows out while you zoom. I think this is one of those cheap "push/pull" zooming mechanisms that people talk about when dealing with budget lensing:

Holy smokes! I don't even want to think of what could be in there that is just waiting to get blown forcefully into the open cavity that is my 5D's mirror and CCD sensor cavity. Sure, I take the usual cautions such as not zooming the lens unless it's mounted on the camera or with the rear cap on, but still, am I the only one concerned with it?