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Thread: Terrible news

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    Quote Originally Posted by fractalgfx View Post
    I have never made a claim that guns are the cause of violence and, I have never claimed that more gun control will make people safer. The prohibition against alcohol was intended to benefit the people, but it caused a giant surge in organized crime. I know that is impossible to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

    People have a tenancy to do stupid, impulsive things. If someone has the capacity to hit someone on the head with a bear bottle, they have the capacity to pull out a gun and shoot them. Once you bring guns into the equation, a little bar fight can go from a brawl to a massacre.

    It is impossible to eradicate gun violence through gun control, but it is irresponsible to give everyone immediate access to a firearm. Driving laws don't stop people from dieing in car accidents, the laws exist to encourage responsible behavior.
    I get pissed off at people and could wish for them to drop dead but I certainly wouldn't go and shoot them!

    On the other hand, many people get drunk, leap into their cars and mow down the people they have argued with, together with the friends they're with. What's the difference between shooting them and mowing them down with a car. It's all premeditated murder.

    Now let's get to the premeditated murder bit. People who're of a mind to murder will do so with whatever tool they have at hand whether it's a gun, bread knife, baseball bat or a piece of string. I don't see anybody advocating banning bread knives,baseball bats, pieces of string, cars or any of the other common murder implements. It's just people that are scared of bangs that don't like guns.

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    Ill say it one last time before I leave this thread. There is absolutely no need for a civilliain to have a gun and the ease of getting one does nothing that "good" citizens having guns will do to deter those that are desperate enough to use guns in crime.

    The ease of getting a gun only serves to make them more freely available to those that will abuse them.

    Someone breaks into your house while you are out and finds you have a gun, they steal that gun and then go on to use it in a crime, chances are the crime will escalate to a point where the feel the need to use their new found power.

    Having guns so freely available to people only benefits those that will abuse the situation.

    And if you guys think that any more than a small minority of "good" citzens will use their firearms to defend them selves or prevent a crime, I think you need to re assess that thought

    Peace out, I hope you guys never have to use you firearms
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    Quote Originally Posted by forno
    There is absolutely no need for a civilliain to have a gun
    Nope, no need at all! It's not like maybe anyone could save themselves from getting shot to death by shooting a criminal first! No, never; especially not somewhere like Virginia Tech.

    To dogmatically assert that this is the case for everyone in the nation just because it is the way you yourself live is arrogance itself.

    I'm feeling a little guilty, though, at how much this thread has turned into a place for advancement of people's personal ideas of society, when it was created for the purpose of recognizing those who lost their lives in that terrible event. So I'm going to withdraw. Slan leat.
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    We have reached an impasse with anti-gun fanatics believing their way is the way all people should live while pro-gun supporters argue for their right to self-defence.

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    Locking this thread

    I'm on vacation so I didn't notice this thread until now, but this discussion really does not belong on a digital camera site, let alone in the Canon DSLR forum.
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