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    ? used lenses from KEH

    I'm considering picking up a used lens from KEH - Does anyone have any experience with them?
    Michael B.
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    I got a 10D from them that crapped out in about 5 months...shutter went kershit on me. They told me I was SOL since it was beyond their 90 day warranty period. Other than that, no experience.

    I won't be buying from them again actually. But lenses are a different story...less to break.

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    I have bought lenses from them in the past (film SLR days ~ 10 years ago). I found their grading system accurate. I wouldn't hesitate to buy lenses from them.
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    Bought and returned a lens without a procedure problem (the lens had a couple, I though).
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    I've never had any luck with them having the used glass I want- it seems they only have new stuff I'm looking for and at higher prices than B&H.
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    I have had positive experiences

    I purchased my 80-200 f/2.8L from them, my EOS 3 body, and my 17-40 f/4L. All purchases were positive experiences. I find their grading system to be accurate and on the one return I made, there wasn't any problem(I returned a lowly graded lens for a higher graded lens, the lens was fine but my anal retentive side just wouldn't let me use a lens with a hack in the front element).
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    I have bought a couple of lenses for a Mamiya 645 and RB67 (both are non-auto lenses) from KEH. Both lenses were in excellent condition and work well. Also bought a Canon Elan 7 body that is in mint condition. The grading sytem is accurate, if not a bit conservative. I have not had to contact them for any issues, but have read they do have good customer support.

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    I bought a couple of lenses from them but the lenses were unimpressive and I have sold one and am considering selling the other also.

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