As usual, Jeff did a very thorough review of the Canon TX1 and covered all the bases, clearly stating the positives and negatives to this hybrid.

Although the limitations of this little camera such as large file size, noise at higher ISOs, battery life, price etc would be deal breakers for some, these particular things don't affect me much. I will shoot only a few minutes of video each day and download frequently. Extra batteries and extra SDHC cards would seem to cure most of the ills for me.

The deal breaker that I suppose I'll just have to wait and see about, is the ergonomics of the TX1. I expect that I'll initially need two hands to turn the camera on and open the screen but I'm hoping I can then operate it on and off, still and video, and zoom with only one hand.

It's early in the game and I'll probably repost this in June but if any of you have actual experience with this camera, I'd appreciate your comments. Thanks!