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    Question HOLP Cool Pix 8700

    Just want to ask when i take photo on my camera cool -pix 8700 the picture is blurd and a lot of shadow. and like all moving object i can't take photo because it is blurd.
    thanks a lot all mates..

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    If you're a new camera operator, there are many things to learn about.

    I'm by far not an expert, but I have a feeling I know the problem. When you look at your camera, you have various exposure settings and speed settings (..., 1/60, 1/30, ... , bulb). These here really define, for you, how your photos will look in various light conditions. The lower the speed (1/4000, etc), the faster pictures are taken - but less light they will let in. On the other hand, exposure of a low number (not sure on this one, but 2.8 on this camera 5700) will let more light in (wider opening in the lense).

    All in all, blurred photos are taken by 1. shaking or moving when taking the photo, 2. too slow of a shutter speed. In low light, getting the balance correct is VERY hard...at least for me, and I'm still working at it. If you're taking low light action shots, I would try either auto (since it uses a flash which helps), or manual and set the the exposure low and the shutter speed low. Your pictures will be very dark, but you can modify it in Photoshop.

    I hope this help, I'm still learning about these cameras, so my advice is far from perfect - there are far more advanced people who I'm sure can add to this.

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    I have the same camera and I would recomand messing whith a faster shutter speed and shooting images in Raw format and use Photoshop Raw Plugin and not the nikon image veiwer which is worthless. Whith Raw if the images are still dark you can increase exposure and what not

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