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    All purpose camera

    Hello everyone,
    could you please advice me on a camera?

    * What budget have you allocated for buying this camera? Please be as specific as possible.
    >300 to maximum of 450

    * What size camera are you looking for? Or does size not matter at all to you?
    >not too big and bulky, fits at least in a medium purse. But most important is iq. Don't want to carry an extra camerabag around.

    How many megapixels will suffice for you?

    * What optical zoom will you need? (None, Standard = 3x-4x, Ultrazoom = 10x-12x, Other - Specify)
    >zoom is least important.

    * How important is “image quality” to you? (Rate using a scale of 1-10)
    >10 anything under 400 ISO should be really sharp and colouraccurate.
    image quality is most important. I also don't want too much additional photoshop work.

    Do you care for manual controls?
    >Yes, I need a good auto mode and various scenes but also a very broad manual mode.

    General Usage

    * What will you generally use the camera for?
    >kids, family, vacation, portraits, still lifes, sports.

    * Will you be making big prints of your photos or not?

    Will you be shooting a lot of indoor photos or low light photos?

    Will you be shooting sports and/or action photos?


    Are there particular brands you like or hate?

    Are there particular models you already have in mind?
    >canon g7, s3 and A640/700 maybe fuji F31/41 or s6000fd

    (If applicable) Do you need any of the following special features? (Wide Angle, Image Stabilization, Weatherproof, Hotshoe, Rotating LCD)
    >IS =important, wide angle=nice, weatherproof=nice, hotshoe=maybe
    rotating lcd=totally not

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    You said purse size, not big and bulky, so rule out the S6000, S3, and G7. I'd say:

    Canon A570, A630.
    Fuji F30
    Sony W80, W100

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    Flood gates

    size is stretchable. I have seen het g7 and I think it's not that big and bulky. I would say that that´s the maximum size.

    I tested the canon a530. Incredibly noisy in low light. Portraits are very good and nicely coloured. But everything else is noisy even at small prints. Very annoying is the shadowcolouring in low light. So you have black backgrounds with pink/red pixels or swimming greys.

    I also had th F20. The low light pictures were impressive and also the daylight landscapes were good enough. Then when i took pictures of my daughter it couldn´t cope. some colours were too overpowering and pictures were too overexposed. I´ve had the tip of using only iso100 and iso200 for outside and inside. That was ok but not good enough. A big con is also the use of xd cards.
    My needs come down to:
    -I need a very good reliable automode and good preset scenes.
    -It would be nice to store manually adjusted settings that work for me.
    -quick focus ,is and face detection seem like a very useful thing to have specially for someone like me who needs to quickly whip out the camera and point at a moving object(a child) and take a picture or 10 quickly. So shutter speed is also important(hopefully I understood the shutter thingy correctly)
    -after reading tons of reviews and opinions I must admit that I´m a so called pixel peeper and I view all pictures at 100% before I print it at 10 x15cm. I want the option to posterprint pictures when they are very very good. I just want the camera to take very sharp pictures without noise.
    - size and budget are stretchable, but not willing to fork out a whopping 5k for a leica m8 although it has by far the best points and the right size judging by the user reviews.

    Bottom line is sharp pictures.
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    It's been my experience that Canon and Sony have better Auto mode than Fuji.

    That said I almost never use Auto mode any more, and also count on post-processing any photo I am truly interested in.

    The Canon A530 you auditioned is an older and lower-level model than the current A630/A640/A710 and not truly representative of them.

    Remember that color accuracy - particularly indoors - often requires the user's input. There are no compact digital cameras that will give you "accurate color" every time in tough lighting conditions.

    I wonder if you could get your hands on a G7 to try out...
    CATS! & a few other things... http://catographer.smugmug.com

    Fuji S6000fd

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    I saw a recommendation of 710is as the poor and smart mans g7??????

    But this time I need to be quite sure before I go and get another camera.
    My favourite electronics retailer would ban me forever from their store if I brought another camera back (off course they won't, only I would be too ashamed to go and look for yet another camera). They are the only store in a radius of 200 miles with a lenient return policy without a third degree interrogation and no cash back like almost all stores.
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    I've never tried one, but I feel rI should say that the f30 might be your best option. Supposedly it has the lowest noise of them all (except dslr's), and seems to be a perfect match for your requirements, including image quality and size as its best attributes and zoom range least. Supposedly it over exposes (or something, I've never tried one) a little in daylight, but you should be able to work around that with exposure compensation. Since noise seems to be your biggest complaint, this is definitely the camera for you.

    Go to dpreview.com, where the f31fd was just reviewed. They said "the F31fd blows away all its competitors at anything over ISO 200" in terms of image quality. Also, look at the ISO and other sample pictures on this site or others, they will show how much noise each camera has at a particular ISO.

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    Fuji S5700

    You could maybe look at the Fuji S5700. The specifications are neat, a lesser S6500FD (smaller, but no RAW or FD). I'm still waiting for a proper review for it though, but given Fuji's history, ISO performance should be good.


    Don't hold your breath about the Auto mode though. My S6500FD Auto is pretty pathetic, it shoots up ISO way too high for any lighting situation. But if you use semi auto modes like P-mode, you can take images quickly enough, and get admirable results.
    Samsung NX10+30mm+18-55mm OIS, Fuji S6500FD

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    I was already seriously considering the f31/41 and canon a570 as "will do" cameras.
    But the s5700 seems very interesting . It has very good specs. Positive is also the sd usability. I can get that one for about 250 euros without a need to buy xtra cards. There are no real reviews so I would want to wait for that.
    But then the s5700 is sizewise and pricewise awfully close to the canon s3.
    So contenders are :

    Canon S3 IS : OIS, digic II with isaps, 1 point AF (any position is available), 6mp,optical 12x zoom,LCD 2" vari angle with 115,000p,Auto mode and 23 various presets, 4xAA size batteries, weight 510gr, price around 370 euros

    Canon G7: OIS, digic III with isaps, AiAf (face detection)1 point AF (any position is available), 10mp,optical 6x zoom,LCD 2,5" 207,000p,Auto mode and 27 various presets, Li-on battery, weight 380gr, price around 480 euros

    Canon A570 IS:OIS, digic III with isaps, AiAf (face detection)1 point AF (any position is available), 7mp,optical 4x zoom,LCD 2,5" 115,000p,Auto mode and 18 various presets,ISO 80-1600, 2xAA size batteries, weight 215 , price around 280 euros

    Fuji S5700: IS digital(?), CCD, intelligent flash , 7mp, optical 10x zoom,LCD 2,5" 230,000p, Auto mode and 12 various presets,ISO 64-1600, 4xAA size batteries,SD and XD, weight 306gram, price around 250 euros

    Hopefully I will find those cameras in the same shop so I can compare them and see what feels best.

    Thank you all for the advice.
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    image quality

    well.. I've tried the fuji s5700 and canon a570 and might I say: What a waste of time.

    I just saw a duel of digital cameras where in comparison the f20/30 gives the g7 good competition , especially when you consider the price difference. The manual controls , iq (slightly sharper pics) and video capture is off course superior on the g7 , but overall the f20 could keep his head high in this comparison. Especially when you consider the price and size of the cameras.
    For almost 200 euros(including large xd card) I could have a take anywhere and fit everywhere camera with very good picture quality. Strangely the f40 (50euro more), despite a lot of reviews, has sharper and more detailed pictures than the f20.
    I would have liked to see outdoor pic comparisons but hey.. I can't have it all.
    In the shops I had looked at the Canon SD800.
    Very stylish quality build and very compact camera. In these tests it seems like a very capable p&s ,although a bit pricey and again as with the f20 not a lot of manual control. The canons are quicker on almost everything and portraits(of real skin tones) are more pleasing compared to the fujis.
    The choice is :a slow bang for buck with excellent iq or a quick and stylish but pricey quality p&s.
    Which one would you choose?
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    Out of curiosity, why did you find the S5700 dissapointing? I just want to know because I can't find this product anywhere nor can I find any reviews.

    If you want to take images in low light without a flash, the Fuji F series, or S6500FD are the only way to go because no other camera around right now has decent high ISO IQ. Between Fuji's compact F series: F20, F40FD, F30, and F31FD, I'd say go for the F30 because:

    1. It's been around for a while now. Problems (if any) would be well documented, and you'll have a good idea about the camera's durability as well.

    2. Techniques and opinions of usage are plenty as it's been a popular camera, and the forums are brimful with users who are more than willing to give their 2 cents.
    Samsung NX10+30mm+18-55mm OIS, Fuji S6500FD

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