Hello everyone,

Last week I went to the Amstardam AutoRAI, the largest car show in the Netherlands. Due to the Easter Weekend it was very busy, which made photography a bit hard. Also, the lighting was really tough. It was not so much that the light was too low, but the bright reflections on dark cars make it impossible to get a correct exposure without blowing out part of the subject.

Anyway, I took lots of pictures (350-400) but there are only a few 'keepers'. Most shots were ruined because of distracting crowds or noise after I brightened the shadows of the pictures.

I took all pictures with the 17-70 this time. I found that 17mm was about as wide as I could go without distorting the car too much. I tried using the 10-20 with a polarizer as well, but I found that the polarizer could not cut back the reflections enough.

Here are the pictures. I hope you will enjoy the pictures. As always, comments and critique are welcome.

#1: A race car by Audi, I removed the crowd behind the car here:

Attachment 22995

#2: A pink Seat. I again removed the crowd:

Attachment 22996

#3: Audi S5:

Attachment 22997

#4: Honda Formula 1 car:

Attachment 22998

#5: Honda Civic. Perhaps a bit underexposed, but I liked it this way:

Attachment 22999

#6: One of Lancia's cars. I blurred the background in Capture NX, but kept the eyes sharp.

Attachment 23000

#7: Large interest in the Formula 1 car of McLaeran:

Attachment 23001

#8: Rolls Royce

Attachment 23002