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Thread: Rebel XTi

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    Rebel XTi

    I'm fairly new to digital SLR's. I have a Rebel XTi. It worked great during football season outdoor at my kids games but indoor pictures don't come out good at all. I'm sure it a user error. I have found myself going back to my point and shoot digital camera when indoors. Is there something I am doing wrong with the SLR indoors? A lot of the pictures come out dark. Do I need a different lense? I currently have the kit lense. I'm going to NYC in a few weeks and really want to take the SLR but am afraid my pictures won't turn out. We are going to the wax museum which is indoors. I know we will take a lot of pictures there. I'm tempted to take the old point and shoot with me. Any suggestions?

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    Well, you can crank the ISO a little, but 800 and up tends to look a bit bad on the XTi. The kit lens isn't terribly special for this kind of work. You might look into a lens with a larger aperture, say a f/2.8 fixed - it will provide a lot more light at higher shutter speeds and a lower ISO, making for much better low-light pictures.

    I'll let experienced XTi users advise you as to settings and such.
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    what mode are you shooting in ? are you using the onboard flash ? the range of these onboards are very limiting, that could be one problem. the xti can shoot pretty comfortably at iso800 if you're not blowing up to like an 11x14.
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    Indoors is always a tough one to beat, especially if you dont have the proper tools. With the kit lens its a rather poor performer in dim light. Thats why i never even bothered getting the kit lens in the first place. So yeah just as fionndruinne said. Have a lens with an aperture higher than 2.8. and bump the ISO to 800, although noise is somewhat an issue when its viewed in a distance which we normally would its no problem. Even a lens with an aperture of f4 with IS will do about half the job. a good and affordable lens would be the 50 f1.4. If you cant afford to make a purchase a simple fix would be to use the flash, when flash is prohibited just bump the ISO to 800 or 1600 and set the kit lens to its lowest focal lengths. i think its 18 which will allow to you use its widest aperture of 3.5. Go any longer and your stuck with f5.6. hope this helps a bit.

    :: A PS is still a nice back up when you starting out.
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