cdifoto, that's a great one! You convinced me with that shot
I'll be searching for a good copy then!

coldrain, thank you for your explanation. I'd love to give you the crops if I still have the files. But after taking my test shots, my friend (the owner of the shop)
downloaded the everything to his PC to see the test images. He must have used cut, not copy, for when I got home, my CF was empty. But I remember that I shot a girl standing next to a big glass window inside the mall. The pf must come from that much light hitting my sensor. My stupid . And yes, the one with the bad pf was shot at f/2.8, shutter 1/40 (testing the IS), ISO 800 (pretty dark inside the mall). Maybe I should have tried stopping down a bit..

DonSchap, thank you for the your trouble! Whew, I guess with these examples, it would be stupid for me not to get the 70-200 IS then. Thank you everyone!. I hope to one day post my own 70-200 IS images in this forum. Bye!



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