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    Greetings to everyone

    Greetings to everyone. I've just joined this forum hoping to have great feedbacks with all members of this forum.
    Well, enough of saluting! A brief history of me, photographically-wise.
    I am realtively new regarding taking pics, actively and regularly, that is. I got my first point and shoot about 8 years ago. The first two years were quite uneventfu, except for shooting non stop. Afterwards I started upgrading almost twice a year mainly because I was advancing in giant leaps, technically and, should I dare say so?, artistically. I was hooked, I had a severe case of the shutter bug! I was demanding more and more of the subsequent point and shoots that I was owning.
    Up until this point, I never considered a dslr. I just did not need it, those were for the pros and the snobs, right? The last point and shoot that I owned was the Sony H5, an excellent camera may I add. It took me about 6 months of using this camera and extracting every single drop out of it, to realize that I needed a dslr. So it began an extensive research. I must stop here to tell you about a particular trait of mine: all that I care about is results. I do not buy brands, I do not follow trends blindly, I am not loyal to any brand (are they loyal to your?), all I care about is...you guessed it, results. I started to handle (really handle), to research, to compare every single dslr in the market. The obvious choice for a novice will be to follow the dogma. I mean Nikon, Canon, Olympus are excellent choices and they are quite established names in the field. But the more I researched, the more I compared, the more I came to realize that, even if it sounds like blasphemy, they were all about the same.
    So it was a matter of what was offered for the price and my possibilities of expansion. Oh man, and did the Alpha win!!! I've had the Alpha for about 7 months now. I can tell you that the only mistake I made was to buy the kit with the 18-70 mm, no need to go any further about this particular lens. I have armed myself with several used Minoltas and all I can say is WOW. About the pros, I will not even begin. The camera is excellent in most aspects. A couple of features I would love to see in the camera are the "time lapse" and a bit more speed. The thing I do despise about it is the proprietary policy of Sony regarding the accesories. Surprisingly enough, even when I come from the point and shoot world I can tell you that I do not miss at all having a live preview, and yes even if it offends the purists (purists are really funny), I would love to have the capability of recording video, it is a good option to have, period.
    And so we come to the end of the story of this newbie in this forum. My limited experiece is at your service and I hope I can benefit from yours which is vast and collective.
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