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    New firmware for GX10

    The 1.11 version of firmware is available for the GX10 from samsungcamera.com along with firmware for 2 other Samsung Dslr's. The GX10 firmware adds wireless flash control from the built in flash so it's well worth getting if you have a wireless external flash. The full list of changes is on the website.

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    Question When does new firmware become standard as new

    Just wondered when cameras would have this upgrade included from new or will owners always have to do their own upgrade?
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    Thumbs up New firmware pre-installed?

    Hi guys,

    As a proud owner of a brand new GX-10 (As of the 11th of April '07)
    I can confirm that my GX-10 arrived with 1.0 firmware that needed updating.

    Updating was easy, and went without a hitch.

    Although turning the camera off with the completion bar chart still showing felt odd.

    (It was showing 100%, and there was a 'complete' message on screen... it's just that I'm used to firmware updates taking me to a different screen that shows that the process has completed in a more obvious way)



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