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    Thumbs down Tokina & SONY/Minolta

    I wrote to THK Customer Service, inquiring as to whether or not Tokina had any plans to expand their mounts to the SONY/Minolta camera body. Here is the correspondence I sent on 3/27/2007.

    Schap, Don wrote:

    As a perspective Tokina customer, I am wondering why Tokina has not made a commitment to SONY/Minolta mount lenses at the recent photo shows. Your current lenses would seem to be quite an amazing addition to the SONY line.

    While Canon and Nikon are good cameras to use, my inclination is to the new SONY line of DSLRs. It seems rather pointless to not have your fine lens available for these impressive cameras.

    I know, I for one would love to have the AT-X 840 AF D and the AT-X 535 PRO DX in my current lens bag. Without image stability in these lenses, only SONY’s “in the body” stability seems to make any sense.

    Could you please advise when the SONY-Mount will be available? Tomorrow would be fine.

    Thank you,
    Don Schap

    and what I received, as of 3/30/2007.


    At the moment, Japan has not announced any plans to make Tokina lenses in anything other than Canon and Nikon mounts.

    Glenn Nash
    Technical Service Representative
    THK Photo Products

    Apparently, you will have to enlist the older Tokina-glass with the Minolta-mount for the time being. The older glass is not adapted (internally-coated) for reflections from digital sensors, so focusing could be tricky from time to time, with some light angles.

    Even though this statement is the "here and now", I suspect they won't want to miss out on that "SONY-money" once the camera line really gets rolling.
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