Hello, my name is Rick and I just wanted to introduce myself to the Sony world.

I've been an avid phototaker (wouldn't quite call myself a photographer) using a DSC-V1, and as such a lerker here on the DC forums. Between the various other forums I frequent along with posts/topics from Don Schap I have stepped up and purchased an A100K from Calumet (for a great price may I add). Sadly enough I've had it for about a week now and am just starting to play with.

That said, the interface is very similar to the DSC-V1. Obviously there are differences and more advanced features with the A100 but in a nutshell it's easy to use. However, I'm also one to venture into all the menu's and read the manual before getting heads deep into taking pictures.

Once I start taking worthwhile photographs I'll post them, let the critiquing begin. It's the only way to truly become a better end user.



p.s. Don Schap thanks again for all your reviews, it's greatly appreciated .