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    marilea Guest

    Question Need replacement LCD for Samsung S700

    could anyone help me locate a replacement LCD display for Samsung S700.
    My husband took it fishing and who knows what happened (I figure he stepped on it). The camera can still take a picture, I'm just not sure how it turns out until download onto the pc.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Aug 2008
    Hi Marilea, the same thing happened to me. you can get another screen from DBX technology, email joeann@dbx.com. cost is $22.33 plus shipping.(they are in china)

    there is also someone on ebay who can supply and fit a new screen, look up
    samsung s700 replacement lcd display repair and it will come up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lwb2356d View Post
    wow,nice yeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa---------------------------------------------------------
    Could you please refrain from adding these pointless posts advertising your game sites to every thread on these forums?

    This is a photography forum; not a gaming forum, so unless you have something specifically related to photography to post,
    could you please save Jeff's bandwidth (and our patience) and return to your script-kiddies' hideaway?

    Thank you.

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