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    Best bang for the buck 70-300 for D80

    any suggestions?

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    Not sure what the question is really?

    Are you asking what is the best 70-300 lens for a D80 in terms of quality vs. price?

    Or are you asking if the 70-300 is the best lens for the D80?

    Or are you asking something else?

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    Lightbulb Hey ... why not this idea?

    You might want to wait and grab onto the brand new TAMRON AF28-300mm f3.5-6.3 VC Di LD lens when it is released. It becomes effectively a 42-450mm lens on the Nikon ... has anti-sh-sh-shake and added that lower focal width.
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    It's pretty much generally agreed that the Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 APO DG is the best of the "budget" long zooms - sells for a little over $200 at reputable online dealers. Nikon's new 70-300 VR looks really nice but is significantly more expensive (~$500).
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    +1 for the Sigma.
    In terms of bank for buck it can't be beaten. It is a budget lens and other lenses will produce better images in some circumstances but you can't beat the price / performance ratio of this lens for most users.

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    save your money and buy the 70-300VR over the others.
    it is outstanding.
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    I'm eying the sigma 70-300 lens, given all the good feedback. I've never shoot tele before, so have a couple of questions...

    What is the standard min shutter speed for handheld shots at both range of the lens? I understand generally its about 1/60... but shooting at the tele end change this?

    also, in another thread, someone shot with VR at 1/2 s at the tele end, can't rem if its 200 or 300... but this is bloody damn impressive... so I've thinking of going for the VR instead...

    So IF I shoot at fast shutter speeds (good lighting)... what other difference would there be between a VR and non-VR???
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