Figured this might be interesting to share, PDN has its annual "Faces" contest, figured this year i'd enter.

Heres the twist, i picked something completely different from anything i've seen in the contest entries so far.

I entered a series, that i think some will be like, What is that doing here....

Check em out, if you are interested, there is a better description on my blog of each picture and what went through my head.





My blog: Blog
Full info and descriptions of each picture along with a link to vote for them (Pretty please with a canon lenscap on top?)

Cheers ! And feel free to comment on them here, i HOPE to get some reactions out of people with these.

p.s: NNSFW Stands obviously for not not safe for work. and yes, thats me poking fun at a certain crowd, i'd make it up to you with a beer, but none of y'all are local to me
p.p.s: i sorta spend my month's groceries on this entry, so any comments will truly be appreciated, though i figure my entry is a long shot.
ppps: some of you frequent fm/potn, so you may have seen this thread already, and this is just a personal touch since i like dcrp better Dont even know if y'all will notice though