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    Help burning Camera movies onto CD/DVD's


    First time to this web site. Ive only had my digital camera (Canon powershot S3 IS) for a few months. Ive used the camera to take a movie which used up the whole 1GB SD memory card. I tried to copy it onto a 700mb CD and it was too large. Then I tried to copy it onto a DVD (Iam using nero burningrom #6) which didnt work at all. So the question is : How can you copy the movies's that you take on your camera onto a DVD/CD and be able to play them on your computer as well as on your DVD player???? Also I know a movie on a small card would fit onto a CD as there 700mb, but how do you fit larger movies ie:1GB card onto a normal CD or any movie onto a DVD. Iam lost as how to use the Nero burning software to burn the movies onto a DVD. Any help would be greatttttttttt.

    Cheers Evie

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    burn them with Nero Express.

    this tells you how:

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    I have very successfully used ULEAD DVD Movie Factory v3.5 to burn playable DVD's. (They are currently selling Version 6.) Since .avi video files from my digital camera can get quite large, I first use Windows Movie Maker to condense them to a much smaller size without too much loss in quality, depending on the setting I choose. You can then fit several lengthy videos on one 4.7GB DVD disk.
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    The software package "Sonic MyDVD" came pre-installed on my computer, and works just fine in taking .avi files from my digital camera and converting them on to DVD.

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    maybe shes looking for an 'autorun' ?

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    I edit with Roxio Easy Media Creator, Then burn them as an mpeg. with little or no compression, depending on what will fit onto the dvd. Nero Vision Essentials works also.
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