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    Morning, Don. I can see the images now. I use internet explorer 7. whatever, the newest offering. Microsoft is completely updated too. I like the light saber pic. I am still purusing the test images and I'm liking my Sony more and more. Can't wait to heal from this surgery so I can go out and about. Today is the best yet, so I may get out in the neighborhood! The real test is going to be night shots and right now I only have the much-chided-by-a-certain- individual kit lens But I'm going to be optimistic and think that maybe my lens is the one perfect kit lens they manufactured
    Happy Thursday!

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    Thumbs up Use what you have ... plan to upgrade

    My intent is to produce good captures without having to spend more than I absolutely have to, to do it. I bust on the "kit" lens because it is inconsistent. Last night, it was fine against the other zooms ... today, who knows? One day I'll get something reasonable, the next time out ... nothing reasonable. When I am travelling, I just cannot take that chance.

    My investment in TAMRON-glass has provided me with excellent and consistent results. I know, also, that if I have a problem with any of their lenses, there is a 6-year warranty on it. If the lens is undamaged and you can successfully demonstrate the problem, it gets fixed ... no charge. Just take your test shots with you and it is much easier. Unfortunately, most of my Minolta-mount glass is well over a decade old ... some, two decades. It still works.

    I hope you are up and around, real soon. There is a lot of world to practice your craft on. Post the good stuff ... and ask about improving the ... uh, not-so-good stuff.
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