This is the first time I have ever posted anything but I am sooo confused about which camera to purchase. I am an advanced amateur/passionate photographer who has been shooting film for many years. I have a darkroom to develop my black and white. I love portrait, action, landscapes, photojournalism--just about everything. I am currently interested in purchasing my first digital canon mainly for my kids action sports i.e.-ice hockey and volleyball. I have a wonderful f2.8 70-200mm lens, filters, film etc. which make shooting great in these low light situtations. I want excellent image quality! I am willing to pay anywhere from $500-$2000 if necessary. I have canon equipment, I love my EOS Elan 7E although I use my other canon cameras as well. I was looking at the EOS 5D but noticed it doesn't shoot continuously for sports just 3 frames a second. Is that enough for catching the action? EOS Rebel xti shoots continuously with 10.1 pixels, Or is that enough? Any other suggestions. Please help. What am I looking for in quality. Thank you in advance for all your help.