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    Monopod-Ball Head or Not?

    Hello everyone:

    I am in the market for a monopod for my new Fuji S6000FD. I can get one w/0 the ball head for less than 20 bucks; 30 is the best deal I can find on a ball head. Is having the ball head that important, in your opinion? Has anyone tried the one at Wal-Mart (18.88)?



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    I don't use one.

    I just screw my camera straight on to the mono-pod, seems unnecessary to me.

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    Landscape vs Portrait

    If you only shoot with your camera in the "landscape" mode, simply screw the camera to the monopod as already suggested. However, if you want to be able to orient the camera vertically, you will need some means to do this. You can use a ball head to do this of course. Manfrotto makes a device designed to do this on a monopod. It sells for about 30 USD. Here is a link to B&H for this device:


    I just recently purchased one for myself but have not used it yet.

    Have a good day.

    Mike Sneddon
    Mattoon, IL USA

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    I use a Manfrotto Grip Action Ballhead on my monopod most of the time. I think it is alot more then what you are looking for but if you want to easily swivel, twist and rotate it works great. There are no knobs to loosen or tighten you just squeeze, move and let go.


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