Hi y'all
I've a Manfrotto 055NAT3 tripod with a 141RCNAT 3-way pan and tilt head attached. According to Manfrotto's (and everyone elses) web site the Manfrotto MBag80P padded bag will fit the 055 tripod. BUT I have the "slightly" longer spiked feet attached that were included with the 055, and the 141 head appears a bit longer than the "next generation" head now available with the 055.

Does anyone know if the above combination will fit this bag - it's 80cm long and my tripod with head and feet appears exactly 80cm tall with the P&T handles pointing at right angles from the tripod (and 83cm tall if I tuck them in) - that's not a lot of room spare

Unfortunately no shops in town have this bag in stock thus I can't just take my tripod in and try it out

Many thanks!