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    Angry S3 IS Battery problem

    For almost a year, I've been using Energizer's 2200 mAh high energy 15min rechargable batteries. I've never had ANY problem whatsoever using these batteries. They usually last really long in my camera -- we're talking 6hrs of on/off shooting and around 600 pictures before I need to even think of replacing them.

    Lately, however, every-single-fu*king-time I go into my camera bag to grab the S3 to take some pictures, all the batteries are dead. That is, the batteries in the camera as well as the batteries NOT in the camera.

    The camera uses 4 AA batteries.

    Any ideas on what the problem could be? Recommendations on batteries to try?
    I like rechargeables as they feel lest wasteful and in the end are a better buy -- assuming the work!


    I missed a GREAT photo opportunity today as a guy was taking off from the ice in a neat contraption just a few doors down..
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