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    Limitation of Canon TX1

    I had been planning on buying the TX1 until today. For my purposes, video and stills from the same small camera is very important. I had even convinced myself that the 1,8 LCD might be okay. I couldn't wait for the 10X zoom.

    Well today I was at my shooting preserve with the setters and taking a few stills and videos with my A710. The A710 is a compromise but it works,.....still small enough to fit in my hunting shirt pocket, and takes great stills and pretty darn good videos.

    The first thing I noticed was that the LCD (2 1/2 inch) screen was really worthless in the outdoor sun. I was reminded of the importance of an optical viewfinder. All the megapixels etc mean nothing if you can't see what you're trying to take a picture of.

    I wish the manufacturers would include optical viewfinders in more of their offerings. Personally, I've seen great claims for LCDs but none that really worked outside in bright sun.

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    The TX1 looks like it may be an ergonomic disaster. The HV10 HD camcorder, which is oriented the same way, is a real PITA to use. It's difficult to hold such a camera steady, reach the buttons, etc--and don't even think about trying to hold it with one hand.
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