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    Converting .avi to smaller file size?

    Just curious what you all use to convert S3 (or other camera) movies to a smaller file size in order to email/upload?

    Someone on another forum recommended Windows Movie maker. Strange thing happened when I used it though. First video did fine. It reduced the file size by an large amount and didn't suffer too much quality in the process. tried to do it with another S3 video and it actually split the video in 2 pieces and both play upside down. The video is perfectly fine just playing in WMP so I think the problem may be with WMM.
    Anyone ever hear of such? What do you use?

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    i use TMPGEnc. its a pretty advanced video converter. its best for converting to mpg (dvd). i have vista ultimate n its got some dvd crap on it .. havent had the chance to use it yet but i'll let u know if i experience the issues you mentioned
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    I use the program that comes free with windows XP, its called windows movie maker. There is an update to windows movie maker 2 on the microsoft website that adds more transitions, effects and different compression settings. Its weird if i open the program and try to import an avi file it says its an unknown file type but if you drag and drop the file into the program it works fine. Im not sure if its the program or my computer though.

    Thats what i use though.
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    I also use Windows Movie Maker for converting .avi files to the much smaller .wmv files, easily playable in Windows Media Player and other video players. For example, I condensed a 110MB .avi file to a 15MB .wmv file recently, with very little reduction in quality. When you select "Save File to My Computer" in Windows Movie Maker, you will get a "Movie Settings" Dialogue Box. Select "Other Settings", and in the input field, use the down arrow to select "Video for local playback (2.1 Mbps NTSC)". This option will provide a large file size reduction, but maintain most of the quality of the video.

    To convert .mpg to .wmv, I first have to edit the video in Adobe Premiere Elements, and then save it as a "movie" in .avi format, which can then be condensed in Windows Movie Maker to a .wmv format. Roundabout, but it works.

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    truflip - I have used TMPGEnc before so I'll give it a shot again.

    BowerR64 & Pantanal - Windows Movie Maker is wat I used. It's what gave me split file and the upside down results.

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    Windows Movie Maker is great but only for PC's

    Hi you can use both. Windows movie maker is great for reducing the file size and preserving video quality, I took its standard from MPEG4 and made enhacements to the codec. The only problem of converting it to WMV format (Window Media Video) is that you will not be able to play them on a standard DVD player. Very standard DVD players can read WMV files.
    If you encode it under MPEG2, you will be able to save it to a DVD and play it in every DVD player.
    Some times when you encode in MPEG2 a WMV file it does not get a good quality. Specifically if you are creating a slide show program because WMV files carry a lot of more information during image transitions. If you are encoding a movie it might be good!

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