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    What Compact But Good camera to buy?

    Hello, chaps.

    I currently have a Fuji F11, which I know is an excellent camera with very good image quality. I couldn't be happier with it, very good battery life too.

    But the thing is, it is a little chunky for going out with.

    So I was wondering what cameras you would recommend, when I say small, I mean something that could fit into a jean pocket without any problems and you wouldn't be able to feel it too much.

    I have seen the Fuji, Z1,Z2,Z3 and V10. All had ok reviews, would the V10 be small enough?

    I have only looked at Fuji so far as I have always had Fuji cameras, but if anyone knows better that would be absolutely great.

    So, if you have any views or recommendations please post here.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


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    What is your price range? What if you forget it's in your jean's pocket and you sit down? Won't it break?

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    Know that once you go compact, you can't go back to bulky! That said, compacts also have photo quality issues depending on the model. It is a tradeoff.

    Sony dsc-txx's are good - the t50 is the best of the bunch cuz of great flash. But red-eye is common and you have to hold it differently.

    Canon SDxxx are very good - sharp but barrel distortion on certain zoom. Still it is very good.

    Those are the only two brands/models i would consider.
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    Hi, thanks for the replies.

    I saw a Samsung NV3 for 88 so I decided to buy it.

    Have I made a mistake?

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    I think the Fuji Z3 is excellent value because of its fantastic low-light/ high ISO performance. Is it too bulky for you?

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