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    Arrow Someone help?! Formatting an xd-Picture card?


    I'm getting myself in a bit of a mess here with my Fuji s5600. I'm using alright with sorting it out but either something has gone wrong or I'm having a bit of a daft moment...please speak slowly to me! Anyway, I'm hoping that one of you wonderful people might be able to help me. Please?!

    Right, I have an s5600 and a 1GB memory card, it has worked fine for 6 weeks. I usually get the photos from my camera via USB and then copy them to a file on my computer (windows). However, goodness knows why, but last night I used my Mac to access them. It was fine to get my photos and thought nothing of it until today when I went to get to my sparkly new camera and it says "card not initialized." I then tried the 16MB card that came free and it was fine.

    Now, I have no idea how to initialise it, is it something really obvious that I have to do? I have tried finding out how to do it on the internet but I am just lost.

    All my photos have been backed up, does anyone know how I can initialise my xd-picture card?



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    I little confused on your writeup{until today when I went to get to my sparkly new camera and it says "card not initialized." } but what I gathered is you used your xd card in new camera and if that is the case just format it and reuse in new camera.
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    You must have accidentally formatted you card instead of deleting the images after downloading them. It will now probably be formatted to suit the mac.

    There should be a format card option somewhere in you camera menu and then you'll be good to go.

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    I neither have a S5600 nor a Mac... but I assume they aren't diff. to any cameras and PC.
    You can upload the images and erase them afterward with the computer but don't format the card (with the computer). That will leave different file structure on the disk that is unsuitable to the camera.
    There must be instructions on how to format the card (with the camera). That will fix the problem for sure.
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