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Thread: Flash Advice

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    Flash Advice

    I have a Nikon D50 and I think I want to add a flash. I like to experiment with portraits in my basement, I have set up a backdrop (chromakey green mostly) and have two static lights with umbrellas that I got at a bargain price (non-strobe). I really seem to struggle with lighting though, the build in flash on my D50 seems to overdo it most of the time, will I get a lot more control with a separate flash?

    I'm leaning towards and SB600, from what I've read it seems to have all that I need such that I don't need to spend the extra to get an SB800. I'd particularly like to be able to use it off-camera but I don't really understand how I'd mount it, does it need a special stand or can I put it on a tripod? Similarly for metering and firing is it wireless or would I need a cable of some sort?

    All a bit new to this as you might gather!


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    chris have a look here fo0r some great info, also if you want to have a good gander at the whole site click on the byThom link on the top.

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