So I just bought the A100, since I had an older Maxxum XTsi and a few Tamron lenses, so I figured I could save a few $ initially and get more up to speed on the camera.

The camera seems to work great so far, but one thing I do not have/see is when I'm preparing to take a picture, I don't see the subject in the 2.5" display on the back, I can only use the viewfinder. I do have the settings displayed, but if I scroll through (small, large, blank) with the display button, I can never see what I'm shooting at. Maybe I've become way too point and click as of late and this is normal behavior for the DSLR's, I was just worried that something was wrong with the camera, or because I have older lenses, there was an issue (thought the pictures take just great!)

Thanks in advance for any feedback!