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    Looking for a scanner for sacnning 35mm Film

    I'm looking for a scanner to scan all my old 35 mm films.

    Does anyone know a decent review site?
    Does anyone have any recommendation?

    The budget is ~200$.


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    I think you're gonna have a hard time finding a 35mm scanner under $5-600. That said, most of them are quite reliable. No idea for reviews, you could alwasy try googling for it and checking peer-reviews on sites like amazon/pricegrabber.

    The cheapest way is probably getting a standard flat bed scanner that has a special 35mm-slide-holder. HP and Cannon, I believe have them.

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    i have an HP 3210 All-in-One that has the 35mm film adapter and have scanned with it tons of times. bought it for $220 CAD last summer. It is now a discontinued model of course.
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    Has anyone heard about Canon 8600F?


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    i don't mean to cross-thread, but for $500-600 i won't be purchasing a scanner..
    wal-mart has been scanning my vietnam era kodachrome slides for me and put-
    ting them on a cd...i have a few (very few) slides that i would like to have pro-
    fessionally scaned and put on a cd for optimal quality..where do i go?? a local
    expert will take pictures of my slides, but i can't help but thinking i will lose more
    resolution..pixs on cd's from wallmart show 4-500kb.s...i put some slides in again
    with different batches and wound up with 1.05 mb's...my 7.2 mega-pixel digital
    camera shows about 4mb's when i view them on the computer..
    any ideas on what to do, or should i be content with making large enlargements
    from my current photo cd's..
    i'm new to digital cameras and computers--wife's pretty good..it's been a long
    way from a 60's darkroom in korea to meg-a-pixels.
    pentax--sl1000///minolta sr-7///sony dsc-p200.

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    My Canon Pixma MP810 will scan film negatives and slides. It's supposed to work really well, but I don't have any to scan so I can't test it. Some of their other multifunctions can also.
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    The best one I've used by far is the Epson 4990...it's over your budget, though...


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