Hi everyone, after a long search for a compact camera with manual features, i have decided to get a DSLR.

Having read through many reviews, visited stores trying out and printing some of the pictures I've narrowed the choice down to:

Samsung GX-1L (twin lens kit) - 18-55mm & 50-200mm = 400UK Pounds
Pentax K100 - 18-55mm = 400UK pounds
Canon EOS400D - 18-55mm = 500UK pounds

Thats it really. Honestly i know what most people would say ... Canon. But thing is it's 100 pounds more, and no accessories. Plus im also worried that as soon as i buy the canon the new model will come out heh.

I dont know what to do, it's my first SLR. Canon has some things i dont like, i.e. grip, no spot metering and no self-timer??
But so do the others.

One of my problems is that buying a Samsung/Pentax(i know they are the same just K100 has more features) would mean that there are almost no third-party lenses making their own pentax lenses kind of a monopoly.
Dont get me wrong i love Pentax, as my dad studied photography(not practicing it anymore though) had a Pentax so name is familiar to me .

Things like a flashgun, i found Canon 220EX replicas for 40pounds which is okay to me, since i only want it for some creative photography when i decide to, compared to samsung/pentax which i cant find anything but their own=$$$.

Anyway im just confused. Give me your opinions as well and ill appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,