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    Need s'thing with A/S Priority, < 30 sec SS, Uncompressed, Hot Shoe, Add'l lens/filtr

    Hi Guys,

    I went thru all previous posts but couldn't find anything specific to my request.

    Anyone know of a camera (closer to the $500 range) that does all of the following, and does it well i.e. with clear/sharp pictures, quick response times etc. ?

    o Fully manual i.e. Aperture and Shutter Priority
    o Shutter speeds of at least 30 sec's or better (night shots)
    o Uncompressed file format support
    o Hot Shoe
    o Filter and add'l lenses support

    I've kinda narrowed down the following cameras and was hoping someone could help eliminate one or more of them for various flaws (I know I can't expect the "perfect camera" at that price point)

    o Fujifilm FinePix E550 Zoom (only 3 sec SS)
    o Sony DSC-V1 (read bad reviews here)
    o Panasonic DMC-FZ3 (too bulky ?)
    o Canon PowerShot A95 (No uncompressed format)

    I was leaning towards a Sony since I already have a 128mb MemoryStick which I use with the Sony Camcorder.

    Also, this camera is primarily for my wife (point-and-shoot important), but I would use it sometimes (along with my Nikon F90X and F-801S).

    I know the Sony DSC-V1 supports non-Sony flashes, and the filter adapter gives a thread size of 52 mm (of which I have numerous Hoya filters).

    Appreciate any help, and thanks in advance.

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    Forgot to mention "Multiple Exposure" as well <EOM>

    Forgot to mention "Multiple Exposure" as well

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    not sure fz3 has hotshoe and lens aftermarket.

    fz20 (500-600) will probably do much of what you want and more but also quite a bit bigger.

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