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    Lightbulb A SONY "Minimum" configuration

    The subject came up, recently, on what would comprise a "Minimum" configuration (or the "little bag") for the SONY A100, that would offer the beginning photographers with this digital SLR the best all-around solution.

    With the release of the TAMRON 18-250mm lens, I do believe that this answer is short and sweet. At fifteen ounces and coupled with the A100's Super SteadyShot, it is a lightweight and effective solution.

    The earlier 18-200mm, relased by in 2005, represented a excellent value with the ability to swing from reasonable wide-angle all the way to ... about 160mm. It kind of came up a little shy. With the extended 250mm of this newer offering, the lens provides the widest range sweeps in this class of lens available, 13.9x.

    You will need an external flash to get the most out of this combination indoors, also. The suggestion is to by-pass the more modest SONY HVL-F36AM DC Flash and go right to the SONY HVL-F56AM DC Flash due to the more powerful flash, selectable light levels and the totally swiveling bounce.

    With this set up, you could easily get away with a waist pouch to carry your flash (13.2 oz), your cleaning kit and a few 62mm-filters (UV/Pola/Spec. FX) for the lens. As an on the go configuration, this should get your shot with minimum fuss and reduce the need to swap glass ... eliminating addition dust contamination during lens changes.

    This lens also replaces the "18-70mm kit" lens with some very noticable image quality improvements. You will find this same advice shared on many lens manufacturer's web-sites. They are at least making a buck at this.
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