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    Problem with Canon A540 Jesus help

    First i want to thanks everybody that read this thread . i got a problem that are damaging my nervous i just bought a Canon A540 , installed the CD that came with camera conected the USB already but when i connect nothing happens

    im tryng to download photos from Camera , but when i open ZoomBrowser EX then Acquire and Camera settings and Connect to Camera it says CANNOT DETECT CAMERA Check Connection to Camera then Retry , already follow the steps from Canon Usa site , but when i put to playback option and try to turn on the transfer or print button it dont turn on also on the steps of the site it says a window should open askin what to do with camera so i would have to click OK but this window dont open dunno what to do. every help is welcome sorry for the BAD ENGLISH im brazilian.

    Jesus anyone help me. Thanks

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    Are you sure your USB port is working good?

    You are in playmode on the camera right? it only works on the A series when its in play mode on the camera. What about the cable? does it plug in all the way?

    What opperating system are you using? wich version of windows?

    Check in the device manager and see if there are any yellow "!" icons on your USB ports. Sometimes there can be problems with drivers or somthing.

    If you go into my computer where the local disk C: is do you see an icon for the camera?
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    i Already found the problem but cant solve the problem my USB is working i am using Windows XP Service Pack 2 , the problem is that my computer dont recognize the camera , and i tryed on other computer with Windows XP SP2 and it automatic found and dont need install nothing just clicked on ok then the camera hav been opened well . i dunno how to solve thanks for ask ALL USB ports are tested and full workin. please help me

    No icon for the camera are show on C:/ or my computer but when i try add new hardware it appear Canon Camera !_!

    no ! yellow icons


    Already try in playmode and the normal mode both dont work and in the step-by-step on the site it says for turn on the light of transfer button but i cant it dont turn on
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    Check out what people say in


    What you are seeing might be related to what those people were experiencing.

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