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    Recording voice for each photo

    Dear readers
    I read in a website (i can't remember it), with canon s3 we can record some minutes (or seconds) of voice for each photo which is usefull to describe the scene and something else. i think it was written that after taking the picture we can review it and then we can record voice. Does anyone have any experience?

    Is it possible with sony DCS H5?

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    I don't have the S3 in front of me, but I believe on the top of it is a button marked with a microphone. When in playback mode, hit this button to bring up the recorder. I believe set stars and stops it. I find it useful to set the review time to "Hold", which keeps the picture on your LCD until you cancel out of it (versus 2 seconds, for example). This way you can record your notes right away without having to switch to playback mode each time.

    No experience with the Sony, but I wish they'd put this feature on SLRs.

    By the way, you might get faster/more responses if you place your question in the correct forum (such as the Canon forum, where the S3 is a popular topic).
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