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    Question Sony Mavica FD100 Memory stick Help?

    I would like to know what memory stick to use with this camera? I bought it used and new to the whole memory stick thing. Someone told me that I can use a memory stick pro duo if I get an adapter. I have no clue of what kind is compatible or where to buy. Any info would greatly help. Thanks!

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    See this list for the supported memory sticks


    Sony, Lexar and Sandisk all make memory sticks.

    Buy from a site such as Amazon, TigerDirect, Newegg etc (assuming you are american, you don't say)
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    Only regular memory sticks will work

    You can't use any of the Pro series (duo or not) in the FD series.

    I havn't ever tested it, but you may be able to use the Duo series of sticks (NOT Pro Duo) in it with the adapter. This link to an eBay auction is just to show you what the adapter looks like. It is not my auction. I am not encouraging you to buy this adapter.


    Personally I'd just stick with the regular stick, rather than having to get another piece of equipment to fumble with, but maybe you have a special reason to go with the Duo. Reguardless, you will be limited to 128 meg, but that's hundreds of pics.

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