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Thread: sd card problem

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    dmmmjm Guest

    sd card problem

    I have a 1gb sd card with photos on it.

    It all worked fine until today when I would not read it properly.
    The memory section is saying the correct useage and when i put it in my card reader 7 folders come up which i can not access. (or delete them)
    Folders include:

    logas Di.rec
    r Centre. -
    re - 015.26
    82 80750.6

    So i have a card 4/5 full which i can not access or delete!

    Can anyone help

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    If this is the first time you have put this much data on the card, you may have a problem that I had. The card reader could not read beyond a certain amount of data. Try and connect your camera via USB to your computer and see if that will work.

    Good luck
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    I have heard that some readers have problems with more than 512MB on card. (I heard about xd card readers though)
    I would also recommend to use the camera as a reader.

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    Are your hard disk or system requirement be compatible with the SD card?

    Are you buying a fake brand with an unknown manufacturer?
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