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    Oct 2005

    1st real wedding

    Had a blast!

    B&G very warm, albiet Groom started a bit cool then got to be old buddies. They invited us into the limo for champane and a ride to beach - 3 hour round trip with sunset portriats.

    They lost (somehow forfited) their hotel reservations but no worries, called wify from the limo and she found them Hotels.com ocean view 4-star hotel for just $280 (while we did the sunset shots), sort of topped off a hugely successful evening.


    I messed up my camera settings to no end, but made up for it in numbers. Frankly; the ceremony shots are boring compared with some of the "after" shots.

    Amazing how fast everything goes. 10:30 wedding started me out at 6:30 and I was still futzing with stuff at 10:00 (after some set-up and other shots). We made all sorts of rookie mistakes like but all's well since we recorded most of the really importent moments.

    Exposure was my main nemisis. I need about 200 hours of practice under pressure, but mostly they were correctable.

    They hired a "pro" with more experience for the ceremony and formals. Shoot-n-burn lady for 3 hours. What a bore! We had to "stay out of her way" and she picked the worst spots, made them stiff and nervous, took forever for the boring formals that in my opinion were worthless.

    There were huge (for a 60 person wedding anyway) processions of happy hugging crying friends and relatives and she breaks it up to "go do the formals". I tagged along for some but ....

    ... (snore) ... So we divided it into 2 parts. "Documenting everything" then "artistic fun shooting". Actually; I went around taking "portriats" that went very well, but the formals ... Andy, I hear ya!

    Anyway; I went through a couple of cards (shot 6 in all, 200 each) and here's some samples.

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    Oct 2006
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    Nice to get the first one out of the way eh? Hopefuly many more to come. I love the sunset shot the most. Well done. Post some more when they're ready, I'd love to see them. Congrats!

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    Let me preface these comments with "I'm being meaner then I could be just to help you" I'm sure I'd of done worse in your shoes.

    Pic 1 the background is too distracting behind the limo I'd blur it in photoshop.
    Pic 2 the banister verticals arn't straight, rotate them till they are.
    Pic 3 I don't like how bright the sky is and how dark faces are. Bring up the brightness on the faces and drop the sky/gravel down especially on right hand side sky is blown.
    Pic 4 Too dark imho but otherwise ok, I don't like that the guy to left is looking RIGHT at the camera I'd cut him out.


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    That's a great start Vich, I'll give the prize to number 1 (in a perfect world there could be more background blur, but this is a candid where timing is critical - and I think you timed this one well as I love the looks on their faces).

    Tim's advice is sound in an ideal world, and we should always be conscious of improving, but you will probably understand me more than ever now having shot one about how much of a compromise you sometimes have to make at a wedding - and how switched-on you need to be to manage all these variables which the event throws at you.

    Glad you enjoyed it, when's the next one?!
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    I like your shots Vich, I hope my wedding photos come out as good as that for a first time too. My first wedding is in just under 2 weeks, Jan 28th. It's for a friend....and there's no pro photographer at the wedding. There me and 2 other friends, so instead of staying out of the way of the pro, it'll be fighting with the other 2 for shots. I'll definitely have to talk to them beforehand to sort out who's taking what. You did very well.


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    Very nice shots Vich. I can't be very picky as I've shot one wedding as well and your braver than I am about posting. My only thing I'll say is crop out crown molding on #2(top of picture). Otherwise, bravo for first wedding! I guess it's suppose to get easier.
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    Congrats man! It's a huge milestone to get that first one under your belt!

    Tim gave some really great feedback, though I'm not as bothered by the background in #1. To me it gives it a sense of "urban reality", and it would have been fun to include with more of the shots.

    My favorite is the sunset shot, but you really needed a bit more FEC to properly fill them. At my first paid wedding, I attempted a shot just like that with the same results! I've since learned the secret formula:

    1) In P mode point the camera at the sky and check the settings the camera chooses (with the flash off).

    2) Dial those same settings in to M mode.

    3) Turn on your flash on and add from +1 to +2 FEC as needed...once again watching your histogram and keeping your FEC settings just under the point where the highlights start to blink.

    Since the even has already been captured, there's a lot you can do in post processing to add fill. I recommend the Kubota Artistic Pack Volume II. It has a great action called "Digital Fill Flash" which allows you to paint in fill where you need it. I took a shot at your beach photo with the digital fill flash action, then hit the imae with another action from the pack called "Daily Multi Vitamin" to give it a little extra punch:

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    I told you vich - mood killers! Those damn (fools)formals. . . I don't get it. In all reality I suppose its one of those things I don't "Have to get." Nothing gags me worse than seeing a "line-up" shot.

    You had fun during your first one, thats all that matters. The first one is under your belt; keep moving forward, learn from your mistakes, I'm sure I don't need to point any out as I'm pretty sure you'll know what you wish you would have done instead.

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    Wow, thanks all!

    I liked all these shots, but I think the best is yet to come. It was a long day. I didn't touch "Photoshop", these were just RAW conversions with some RSP levels and cropping.

    Tim - love the detailed critique! Trust me, those blunders were the least of them, haha, but this was definately done for the learning experience and technical feedback helps a lot. However; I'll go with Jamison on the urban color - mainly owing to the personality of the B&G, I think they'll like it as well. As for cropping the best man - they're lifelong friendship is a beautiful thing to witness - his improptude speach brought a lump. I wouldn't have the heart to crop him and for a wedding, .... they won't mind. However; for my portfolio - great call and I will.

    CW - your encouraging words (wipes tear from eye), "thanks man" ... (but you're still not getting my Bud Light ... American joke). Seriously; you're so right. I went on like a musician who misses notes, the rythm is still 90% of the music. In fact; I've got some really great blured shots I'll post for them because I love the artistic aspect, but sparingly - I want the bulk to be solid.

    Jamison - I'll be gettng that (Kubota) - and I plan on going to practice your technique until I've gotten it.

    achuang, zmikers, boog, thanks for your comments too.

    My biggest disappointment was in squandering the Bridal posing opportunitities on the staircase. I simply could not strike a good pose. Last night I found a shot of a B&G sitting and looking through the banisters - I think that having it to do over again I'd go for that sort of fun stuff. So when the grandkids look at them 60 years later they'll see them with new respect. And get some stoic ones first, just to be save.

    My co-shooter (Stephanie) blew me away with her skills.

    Oh; CW. Next is in about 5 weeks, then gain 3 weeks after that. Another bride was inquiring for a March 17th one but was waiting to see results (although she's probably moved on by now).

    These first 3 were next to freebies - just for practice. The first (yesterday's) had another pro there so the pressure would be off, but the next 2 are just me. Still; the contracts are very forgiving.

    The March 3 one has a very fun bride and I think fun crowd too. I'm going to try talking them out of the obligatory formals and I won't be surprised if she agrees immediately.

    Will post more in a few days.
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    Congrats Vich. Nice first effort. Take stock of the comments here and then on to the next.
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