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    Stop Buying From Them

    I placed my order on a sunday-May 5. I paid an extra $29.00 for 2 day shipping, I recieved an email today on May 9th, saying that I would have to
    call them, and when I did no body responds, and I would kept on hold for long, and finally I spoke with VICTOR 800-339-9960 Ext 236 from Butterfly photo. He was so RUDE, I was totally shocked to see a representative talking with a customer in a FOUL language(m***F***), very very Disappointed and hurt! I lost all the days Infact it was priority shipping, now they cancelled the order I need to book again with some other vendor, see how pathetic these ppl are....so my advice not to shop with them at all!!!!!


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    Thumbs down John

    Hi I bought a tv from butterfly.com and a 3 year extended warranty for 225.00 and now that I need to repair it they said that they will not honor the warranty, they say that they are not resposible for the warranties, what a rip off. John

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    I bought a Sigma lens from them, it shipped right away, no calls from them at all. Good price.
    They have a 9.04 rating for the last 6 months and a 6.87 lifetime rating at www.resellerratings.com In contrast, Adorama has a 9.52 6 month rating and 8.73 lifetime.

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    Wow, I have never purchased for butterfly but it's interesting to see that some folks hate them so much they're inspired to join DCRS just to voice their displeasure. I guess as always, YMMV.
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    Buyer Beware!! Harrassed me to remove my Negative review.

    I purchased a television mount off of Amazon from Butterfly Photo. The mount had my specific television listed in the heading of the ad for fitment. I bought the mount and it did not fit. After returning the mount I left a negative feedback explaining the situation.

    I then had several messages left on my phone to contact them to make it "Right" with my problem. I chose not to do so as I was to frustrated to deal with it. When I finally did answer the phone and talked to a gentleman who "seemed" concerned with making it right. He went over several options of fitment Etc. with some of the mounts they have available. I told him I was now looking at a Sanus model VMDD26B for $349 from Amazon. He said they didn't have one of those available but said he could get me a comparable model from Peerless for $400. No mention of I'll knock the $50 bucks off and give it to you at a discount for your trouble. So I told him no thanks and then Incredulously he launches into a persuasion for me to remove my negative review from Amazon. I asked if they had removed the Heading of the ad that included my specific model. He said yes, but I checked it when I got off the phone and it was still up. I cant believe he was trying to get the review removed. He was even trying to give me specific instructions step by step on how to remove it from Amazons site.

    Then I receive another call from the same man the very next day saying they had removed the Ad and would I now remove my negative review.

    That is an extremely poor business practice when someone tries to coerce you into removing your review. It was their companies mistake and the review was justified.

    Now I must put up with Butterfly photo treating me very unfairly. They tried with two separate phone calls two days in a row to get me to remove my negative review from Amazon.com. C'mon...harassment two days in a row ??!!

    To pour salt in the wound I checked Their website and their peerless mount listed is only $319.00. It does need the mounting plate for another $149. So instead of working with me to make me FEEL like I WAS a VALUED CUSTOMER. He was again just concerned with getting the feedback removed.

    I had also recieved an email from their Customer Service Manager Dan Woods. When I returned that email with my story of displeasure...Guess What?? I never heard from him again.

    So Buyer Beware from a company that obviously doesnt care about their customers and only worries about negative feedback.

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    I'm convinced, I'll stay away. Thanks for the heads up!

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