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Thread: Any ideas?...

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    Any ideas?...

    ... about of such an electronic industry giant as Samsung is? When will their 10MP be on sale? Also interesting about rebranded lenses (have seen their 50-200 go on sale at 1/3 lower price than original- superb deal if You are:
    1) dalthonic: no difference between green vs. blue band;
    2) dioptrically handicapped as me: no diff what the slogan tells (Pentax or Sch...);
    3) know very well where from the glass etc. is coming of...

    Anyway I personally am very interested of all Samsung stuff (at least of these which are really made by Pentax...)- and meanwhile wish You all a happy New Year and happy shooting, JR

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    I was wondering that too

    I can't figure out what the deal is for the GX-10 as far as when it will be available here in the States. Maybe it's marketed differently from the Pentax K10D. The K10D has been available and is in peoples hands since November. The GX-10? No sign yet as far as I know.

    As far as lenses, so far all the ones available appeear to be rebranded Pentax glass. Not a bad thing by any means.

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    Pentax probably gave Samsung the GX line to cover all the areas that don't buy Pentax products or where the pentax brand is particularly weak.

    I dunno how I stumbled across a OneHourPhoto that had 4 new GX-1L kits on display but it was the cheapest K dSLR I could get my hands on at the time...until I found out there was an awesome used store downtown...

    It kinda ticks me off right now because there's no firmware. Pentax has already release several for their *Ist Digital line but all I get is a "Coming Soon" on the Samsung site.

    The guy at the camera store played a joke on me a while back. I told him it was a Samsung camera with KAF mount and he slaps a lens cap on my lens and he's like : Samyang! (I look at the cap...I got pwned. LoL)
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    It looks like Schneider-Kreuznach lenses have different front element multicoating. I doubt if it is better than Pentax SMC coating.
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    I have one idea...

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