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    Question New Owner - Pics and Question

    Hi all...

    Received my FZ20 about a week ago and have had moderate success (see below)

    What I really would like to do with this camera is some astrophotography using the FZ20 and a telescope.

    Anyone had any experience or successes?

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    western pa
    I spent a couple weeks researching that , more for wildlife photography,But the popular opinion is that the FZ cameras are not your best choice.
    Kowa thinks they will have an eyepiece that will work shortly but it is still under development. Scopetronics recommended a setup but said the results would not be great.

    Oh yeah ..nice photos

    one of these days I'll understand!

    Panasonic FZ20 & FZ30,FZ18
    D50 -- D80

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    I was initially told on one of the general forums this was not possible I have since forund this site.

    Warehouse Express #1

    and check out the Meade Telescope & Accessories Here

    Warehouse Express #2

    edit - sorry nice photos.
    Paul - Panasonic FZ20 & Minolta Z1

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    Thanks for the replies... I did find this place http://www.dkoptics.com/

    Looks promising, and they have adapters for the FZ10 which I understand are physically the same as the FZ20?

    I ordered a setup and will report back after I test it.

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    Exclamation Astrophotography

    Well, I recieved a "Digi-T" system from dkoptics. I have attached pics of how the setup works. Unfortunately, it is overcast here in So. California, so i'll have to wait until things clear up to test its capabilities. I'll hopefully be able to post some photos this weekend.

    The Digi-T system comes in two pieces, a "Digi-T ring and a step ring. Optionally I purchased an telescope eyepiece.

    This is the eyepiece and step ring attached to each other. The Digi-T ring is attached to the eyepiece supplying the thread that will screw into the step ring.

    Everything attached to the camera.

    And finally, the eyepiece is inserted into my Meade ETX-90.

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