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    New Canon Powershot A430 - lens rattle sound

    Hello Everyone,

    I just got a new Canon Powershot A430. I have used it a few times now, but when I was using it and turned it on two of my fingers were lighty over the lens, well the obvious happened, the lens hit into my fingers but there was not much force from my fingers to hold the lens in. The camera still works fine and gives me no errors, however now when I use it I have noticed a slight rattle sound in the lens (when it extends) that I am pretty sure was not there before. Should I be worried about this? Or does the lens actaully rattle a little in this model?


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    There are several parts inside the lens that need to move smoothly i think they fit loosly so they can move smoothly inside the lens. The lens that extends moves inside these little groves of tracks. There is only 3 pins that ride in these tracks. They guide the pins wich moves the lens in and out for zoom and to focus. Inside the whole assembly there is another mechanism that houses the shutter and the apature. I would guess what you hear inside there is the shutter and apature mechanism.

    You can return it but i have a feeling the new camera will do the same and you will spend alot of time inline waiting and fill out paperwork for nothing. It takes quite a bit to damage these cameras.

    I have an A510 apart that some one has damaged and i bought off e-bay to try and repair but its to badly damaged as you can see. But you can get an idea of how it works.

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    Hey BowerR64,

    Thankyou very much for the quick, detailed reply with the included photo / diagram so I could understand properly what you were referring to. It was really good and very helpful to be able to see what components are actually inside the lens and how it all moves to work. I appreciate this very much and can now understand where and why the sound it's making is there.

    Thankyou for also providing the options that I can take in regards of what to do with the camera. From hearing that it takes quite a bit to damage them, I think dropping it while the lens was out would do alot more damage than what I may have caused with my incident. So I think I will see how it goes for a while, and if anything seems to not work or gets worse I'll take it back.

    I hope, if at all you can get the A510 repaired. If not, it's still great Iím sure to have around, as to show people how cameras work and to learn from. I know that it has helped me alot, as have you.

    Thankyou once again! I appreciate it!

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