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    Kodak EasyShare C913

    I'm considering getting my 9 1/2 yr old brother this camera as an entry level beginning first camera. So can anyone tell me a liitle more about what they think of this camera?

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    Good choice...

    For less than $100 it'd be hard to go wrong with this camera for a youngster.

    There's a preview of the cam HERE which will fill you in on the basics.

    Broadly speaking, with digital cameras, you gets what you pays for, and this Kodak is no exception. Its feature set, uaseability and image quality are all par for the course at this price point, although other makers will do better maybe on a couple of points (but not on the same camera!).

    As a first camera, I'd say any Kodak is a worthwhile choice, as they're renowned for being user-friendly and uncomplicated to setup. They do what they do well (snapshots, scenery, static subjects) but fall down a bit with more difficult stuff (fast-moving subjects, pubs 'n' clubs, portraits, night shots).

    The C913 would be a good, economical learning tool put it that way.


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