I want to get the Canon 24-105mm f/4 "L" IS USM lens for a 20D. Bought the 20D at Wolf 2 years ago. I had no problem paying the higher price for the camera from Wolf since the guy in the store was very helpful with all of my questions.

This year I visited a few Wolf stores only to find ALL for them staff with teenagers pushing cameras they had been told were good. I'm not an expert, but they could not even answer my basic questions. One guy started to explain the f/4 number but ended up with "it cost a lot so it must be good".

Since I could not get the help in the store I've turned to forums like this and many individual reviews. Doing so I found many places selling the lens for a few hundred $$ less than Wolf.

So this brings me to my point. Is the Extended Warranty option available from Ritz/Wolf worth paying the higher price of the lens itself? I'm told the Wolf Extended Warranty covers ALL damage to the lens other than theft and fire.