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    Smile Enjoying Canon S2 Extra Features

    From years of using film SLRs a mindset developed that a camera was for taking images. Right? Well yes, however many of today’s digital cameras offer more.

    The “more” is the reason for this message as the Canon S2 has two bonus features used often.

    Below is a photo showing one use of the camera that has increased over the past year. Note the S2 around the person’s neck. The camera is set in audio record mode and the historic mill owner is giving me a narrated guided tour with audio recorded in near CD quality stereo. Audio of water rushing down the flume and later the rumble of 1200 pound millstones as they ground corn cannot be equaled by still photos alone. Photos taken with another digital camera combined with audio in a slide show makes for a much more pleasing presentation.

    Another use of the S2‘s recording capabilities is at historical sites. Costumed interpreters will speak readily to a small camera right on the spot, but have not shown the same readiness when asked to set up a more formal recording session. Have received several hours of narrative this way with recorded permission to use in presentations. Nice bonus with good fidelity.

    Holiday season is active and some talented groups present musical presentations with instruments such as hammered dulcimer, recorder, violin, viola, and piano. A 2 meg SD card provides two hours of recording time. Most often it is a pleasure to listen to the music after a bit of editing to remove narrative and audience noise between selections. If not there is the nice little “delete” icon.

    Video is another benefit. A grandson took 9 seconds to have Happy Birthday sung to him while he blew out birthday candles and then gave a arms raised victory signal afterwards.

    Video also has audio track which can also be used separately after extraction by a video program. 15 to 30 seconds of items such as waterfalls can provide stock background material for other waterfall slide shows.

    Video of a water wheel helped answer the question of how many RPM it was turning. Computer video software allows frame by frame editing in 1/30th of a second intervals. The number of frames advanced per revolution permits revolutions per minute to be determined.

    But wait, there’s more, the S2 also takes nice photos, but we know that already. Just 3 more months and it is wildflower and hiking season once more. Perhaps a few winter snows and family photos will tide me over until then.

    Here’s to enjoying another year as we search for the illusive “perfect” camera while enjoying the one, or ones we already have even if they are older models ;-)

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    Thats cool, you know how they have those LCD picture frames. You can upload a digital image to these LCD screens that are in a frame like its a picture. It would be cool to add audio to those so as the picture is displayed there is an audio track with it. The perfect aucio track with the picture you posted would be what you said, the watter running background sounds, wildlife in the woods. That would make a nice gift!
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    I've never used the audio feature of my S3.

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    I used feature to record a "voice note" with the pictures, when I was testing and practising with my slave flash. I put the slave flash in different places in the room and tilted the flash head in different angles. After each shot, I recorded a voice note with the picture, where I said the angle the flash head was tilted and where it was positioned. It helped me remember how I took the test shots.

    After I had downloaded the pictures and audio recordings to my computer, I listened to the recording for each picture and renamed the pictures according to how I had used the flash.

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    What did you find the best position for the flash head was?
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