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    System Error in Panasonic Lumix DMC LC33-S

    Help! I have a problem with my camera. The lens stays close and the screen reads System Error. Please can anyone help me?

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    I dont know much about that camera but I did own the DMC LC43 and I believe it had a reset button at the bottom of the camera, maybe yours does aswell? If that doesnt work contact Panasonic and discuss the problem with them. Did you take the batteries out and let the camera sit powered off for a few hours?

    Like I said, I dont know much about that particular model, but lack of responce I thought Id give a basic suggestion. Hope this helps!

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    My first digital was the LC-33 (three years and still going strong!). I have never seen the "systerm error" that you refer to, but I would try to remove the batteries for 24 hours to let the camera completely reset itself. After you replace the batteries, but before you try to turn on the camera, put it in the play (green triangle) mode. This way, when you turn the switch on, the lens won't try to extend. If you are able to turn the camera on and view pictures in the play mode, but you can't get the lens to extend when you go into the the picture taking mode, then there is probably a problem in the camera's main circuit board. I always make it a point to leave the mode dial in the play mode when I have the camera turned off. That way, if the power switch accidentally gets turned on when it is in my pocket or my wife's purse, the lens won't try to extend against a possible obstruction, which can cause problems. If you can't get the lens to extend, sometimes a gentle tap on the side of the camera will help, but this is no guarantee. I would try the 24 hour battery removal first. Good luck.

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    Thumbs up System Error, Panasonic Lumix DMC-LC33

    I had the system error indication on my camera and the lens kept closing. I solved the problem by removing the batteries from the camera and putting them back in and turning the camera back on. This cleared the system error problem.

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    System Error

    Is the photos accessible in the camera?
    If yes then then problem is with in the system.

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