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    Quote Originally Posted by Wesan View Post
    Hello Turn! Welcome to these forums. Thanks you for introducing yourself, it's nice to meet you.

    How long have you been into photography? What do you think is most fun - photography or drumming? Give us the correct answer now! Just kidding...
    2years and well it just depends :P
    Quote Originally Posted by Rooz View Post
    hands up who hates delobbo !!!!!!
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    Hello. I just now stumbled upon this thread, so I'm a little late.

    My name is Barbara, but most people just call me Barb. I am 21 years old, and a college student. I can't seem to make up my mind as to what I want to major in, so by the time I'm done I could've had my masters, or probably my doctorate too! lol

    I've always enjoyed taking pictures, but I've always been stuck in auto mode. I don't know anything about photography except for what's in the viewfinder. I hope to one day learn so much more. I just ordered "Understanding Exposure" and a DVD for my Rebel XTi. I think it will be an easy read, at Amazon they let you read the first few pages of it, and I found it more interesting rather than a text book. I'm also trying to find local workshops around town. Haven't found any yet. I may need to go to Pittsburgh for that.

    My all-time favorite thing to photograph is people, especially kids because their different emotions are endless. Next comes landscapes and flowers. I'd love to head into New York City once more to get some great shots, but it will probably be a while before I can make the trip.

    And before I get asked for my picture, here are two. One just by myself taken by an old camera, and one with my new camera:

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    not sure how i will fair here as it all looks a bit too good for me but will have a go as i need to learn tons of stuff.
    I mostly like taking pics of animals and flowers.

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    Hello gorgeous ladies!! Good to have more women on the forum......let's give the guys a hard time.....it's our job!!! LOL........kidding kidding. No one gives a hard time to anyone on this forum.......except clueless "huh" noobs like I used to be......(used to?..)

    While wesan who started this thread will welcome you warmly presently, I just popped in to say have a good time, this is a fab site, some lovely people, some great advice and respectful conversation...( uh oh...did I forget something?)

    Welcome and have a long, fruitful stay.

    BTW Barb,love your curls

    Best Regards
    Chili !

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    Quote Originally Posted by barb1686 View Post
    I'd love to head into New York City once more to get some great shots, but it will probably be a while before I can make the trip.
    What's stopping you from coming to NYC and shooting? There are a tons of us Canon shooters in the area and some much diversity to shoot.

    In the meantime, make sure you spend some time in the Canon DSLR forum- we've got a pretty great group of people there who can answer any question you might have.

    BTW- What lens do you have for your XTi?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wesan View Post
    Hello there, ayhcheung, CFord_Shooter and Viky! Welcome to these forums. Nice to meet you all.

    ayhcheung: It seems like you've had quite a few cameras already, although you are still very young. I take it you're very interested in photography, then? Is photography something you'd like to continue with in the future, and maybe have as a profession?

    CFord_Shooter: You're on student exchange in Brasil? Sounds nice! Where are you from "originally", then? Congrats to your DSLR, BTW! What camera is it? Do you see photography as a possible profession for yourself in the future, maybe?

    Viky: Hehehe... Yeah, this is a pretty nice thread, isn't it? As is this whole site, as you said. But I think there are other members here, who have "missed" this thread a lot longer than you have. Or maybe they're just shy... Glad to know you've got a Canon DSLR. How do you like the 400D so far? What lens(es) and other accessories did you get so far?

    Thanks to all of you for introducing yourselves!

    Good luck with your photography!

    hey man...thanks. I´ve been here (dcforums) for like 3 days and have learnt soooooooo much. and yea...i really wish i had a DSLR here in Brasil, especially when i went to the Amazon. erveyone should come here, its begging to be shot. im origianlly from Canada. i would love for this to become a profession. but for now, im gonna get better, im taking Co-Op next year in school at a photo agency hopefully. my soon to be DSLR set-up is a Nikon D70 body, lens undecided, likely a Nikon 50mm F/1.8 or Sigma 18-70mm F/4.-5. check your PMs also.

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    I've been into filmmaking for a few years now, 6 maybe, and I love doing it. Unfortunately it takes a ton of work, which is why Photography is one of my other visual hobbies. I've been a graphic artist for as long as I can remember, so Photography seemed only natural to head towards. I see it as making short movies without sound, haha.

    All the pictures I've ever taken have been with little point and shooters, and they've come out quite nice if I do say so myself. Have a look-see:

    Canon A60. (little 2MP oldie, haha)

    That camera died long ago. I've just purchased a Pentax K100d, and I must say I'm hooked. Once I get everything all dialed in, I hope to be sharing some amazing pictures with y'all, as you do. Never again with the Point-n-shoot!

    I live in the Napa Valley (California).

    Oh yeah hi
    -=Pentax K100d + 18-55mm (Photography)=-
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    Bay Area, California
    yay kenny!!!
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    barb1686, hennaly, Xion, RichNY, Reg_00

    Hello there, barb1686, hennaly and Xion! Thanks for introducing yourselves and welcome to these forums. It's nice to meet you all.

    barb1686: Many people recommend "Understanding Exposure", so I'm sure you will like it too. I have to admit, that I haven't read it myself, though... I think you will come a long way with that book together with your Canon Rebel XTi, though. And there are many helpful people here, that will be happy to answer any of your questions.

    hennaly: This is a very good place to learn about photography and things related to that. Keep practising, read and ask questions on the forums here and look at other people's pictures here. That will help you learn more and improve your skills.

    Xion: What kind of films are you making, if you don't mind my asking? Congrats to your Pentax DSLR. I'm sure Lilchilichoco, our 2PDG (Photography Passionate DSLR Girl) will be a fan of yours - she's very excited about her Pentax DSLR... We're all looking forward to see any pcitures you will share with us (especially 2PDG! )! That's a cool picture you posted, BTW. But...where's your face?

    Happy shooting to all of you (photography shooting, that is...)!

    ReG_00 and RichNY: I haven't seen you introducing yourselves in this thread yet... C'mon, guys! Don't be shy.

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    I've made a few films. Mostly shorts. One was a Jackass-esque film that MTV and Kontraband.com purchased. Usually they're comedies though.
    This summer I'll be filming down at Universal's Backlot, so we'll see what comes of that!

    As for my mug, it looks vaguely as seen here.

    Yes I'm goofy lookin!
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    -=Pentax K100d + 18-55mm (Photography)=-
    -=Canon XL2 + 20x L IS (Filmmaking)=-

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