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Hi everyone, im Dave. I live in England with my lovely wife to be Lucy, and our lilltle beagle Lily. My photography has become more of a passion over the last couple of years due to taking plenty of snaps whilst away on holiday. I take my little Canon ixus everywhere with me to the annoyance of family members!!!!! Put the camera away they shout! I have yet to branch out into the DSLR camp as im worried my love for taking "caught in the moment" photos will be lost trying to get the perfect shot. I also feel having just gone 30 thats its too late to learn using a DSLR.

I love taking landscapes, buildings etc but im not so keen on portraits. I love this site as there are some great reviews and really friendly people on the forum who have already gave me lots of advice which i appreciate.


You're certainly not too old to learn more about photography. I suggest using the P&S when you're just out having fun and using a DSLR when you're looking for that "perfect shot".