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Wesan: It is a genetic defect that deteriorates my vision. It is as of yet, untreatable. As a result, my vision is 20/125. I started losing my eyesight around 18, so i could drive, but now i cannot drive here in Ohio. All my post secondary education was geared toward becoming a Police Officer, so i cannot do that now. Kinda in limbo right now as to what i'm going to do with my life. But thankfully my girlfdriend is very understanding and supportive and we're working through it. She kinda likes the opportunity to take care of me.. y'know.. read the menu to me at restraunts, read me cooking directions on packages and the such.

Ironic i'd get into photography haha.

So there's the short of it!

Sorry to hear that, downtrodden. Let's at least hope it is a slow process, so you will keep your vision for as long as possible and can stay with photography as long as possible too.