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    Smile Introduce yourself (face the photographer)!

    This thread is open to all members of the DCRP-forums, who feel like sharing some information about themselves, regardless of membership status and what camera you have (that is - it doesn't have to be a Canon... ).

    I asked in the "Some S3 pics" thread that we'd introduce ourselves and let each other know if we're guys or girls, because it can be difficult to know that from the nickname. Some of you have already answered - thank you!

    But maybe it's better to do this in an own thread? If you agree, please post a message here, saying your nickname on these forums and if you're a guy or a girl (or "man" or "woman", or "male" or "female" or whatever you feel you are - let's not be prejudiced here... )

    Feel free to add a photo of yourself, if you want to, or any other information about yourself you'd like to share, as well.

    I'll start with myself:

    Hello. My name is Wesan and I'm a guy. I've been using cameras since I was pretty young, now that I think about it. I think I've had cameras since I was around 10 years old. My interest in photography has went up and down over the years, I think. I've had a number of different cameras, as you can see in my signature. Most of them film cameras of different kinds.

    My favourite film camera was the Canon EOS 600, which I got in the late '80s. That's an SLR and I was planning to get more lenses for it. But I never could afford any more lenses than the 35-105 zoom lens I got when I bought the camera. I always wanted more zoom, though. So I decided that the next camera I'd get, had to be one with lots of zoom. A problem with film cameras is the film - you don't get many photos on a roll of film and the film is also expensive to buy and develop. Digital cameras are much better that way.

    Well...after many years, when the digital cameras appeared, my "dream camera" was one of those Olympus cameras with 10x zoom. But it was not until this year that I could finally afford to get a new digital camera. Then, I had decided a while ago already, that it would be the Canon Powershot S3IS. Yes, I had one digital camera before the S3 - the Samsung Digimax 101, a 1.3 megpixel camera. It was a lottery prize, so I got it for free. It's not good...I don't like using it. It works best outdoor in good sunlight...indoor - forget it!

    In case you'd be interested to see some of my pictures (both "film photos" and digital), you can do that on my homepage:


    Click on "Gran Canaria 2009" or "Old homepage" to the left to find the pictures. The film photos (most photos on the old homepage) are scanned from paper copies (right expression?) of photos from either my EOS 600 or my Fujifilm Fotonex 310ix ZOOM MRC (the Fujifilm is an APS-camera where you can switch the roll of film to another one and then switch back again (Mid Roll Change, MRC) - cool!). And the digital photos are mostly from my Canon Powershot S3IS (for example: all of the Gran Canaria photos).

    Here's a picture of me:

    What else to say about myself? Well...I worked as an IT-consultant for about 13 years. Mostly worked with programming and system maintenance (I think you call it that in English) on mainframe computers. After 13 years, I lost the job. Now, I have studied to become a teacher and have a part time job as a teacher (and computer technician) at an IT and education company in the town where I live.

    I have a girlfriend, who I met online soon 13 years ago. She is from the Philippines but lives in the USA. A hobby I had before (about 15-20 years ago), was music. I used to play and mix records and CDs like a DJ. But only at home... I recorded some of the mixes I did on tape. Recorded them on an Akai GX 4000D (a tape deck with, I think, 7" reels) and then I could copy them to cassette tapes. I used a Phonic disco mixer (Phonic MRT-70, I think) to mix the records and CDs. I also used to play the piano for 10 years, while I was going to school (about the age of 10 to 19).

    I have also trained Jiu-Jitsu and Ju-Jutsu, two related Martial Arts. Swimming and weight training are a couple of other things I've done in my past life. Right now...I only seem to be lazy, watching TV, surfing online and taking photos...

    I was born on February 1 1965. Getting old, huh!

    Well...this was an introduction of me! It was a bit long, maybe. You don't have to write as much yourselves, of course. Just as much as you feel like.

    It would be nice to know some more about the members of these forums, so I hope you will like to introduce yourselves in this thread.

    Last edited by Wesan; 02-14-2010 at 05:08 PM. Reason: Feb 15 2010: updated info and address to homepage

    "Analogue"/film cameras
    Agfamatic 2000
    Canon EOS 600 (SLR)
    Fujifilm Fotonex 310ix (APS)

    Digital cameras
    Samsung Digimax 101
    Canon Powershot S3IS

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