I just bought an Olympus D-520 Zoom (secondhand), since I had no digital camera and needed one to use on a trip, and I had read it was a very good entry-level camera. I have been trying it for the last few days, and everything seems to be ok with it, except for 2 things which I can't get to work properly (by the way, batteries are NEW, so there shouldn't be any problem with it):

1) When I take pictures in the Continuous Shooting mode, they look EXTREMELY dark. I tried shooting the same object in the normal single picture mode, with no flash (flash-off mode), and, even though the pictures still looked a bit dark (as expected since flash was off), the pictures looked way much better, with a lot more of light in them, so I guess the problem is not the room lighting. What can be wrong then?

2) The other problem happens when I shoot in flash-off mode: Even the SLIGHTEST movement, either of my hand, or the object/person being photographed (or both), will make the pictures look blurry. I tried shooting exactly the same pictures in auto-flash mode with lots of lighting in the room, so that the flash would automatically set itself off (and it actually did), and pictures turned out to be great. So, the problem doesn't seem to be whether the flash is used by the camera when shooting or not, but rather which shooting mode I choose. Is this normal, or am I doing something wrong?

Thank you very much